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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

I'm back! Thanks for being patient through no-blog Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We took a short trip to San Francisco for a college and career fair at Golden Gate Park. While there, we got intentionally sidetracked on a trip to Sausalito, just across the bay in Marin County. There'll be additional blog posts about the ferry ride, which has been named one of the best ferry rides in the world, second to only the Star Ferry in Hong Kong. For now, I want to tell you just a little bit about Sausalito.

I had never been to Marin County. Let me tell you, Sausalito is a gorgeous little "coastal" town with lots of character, magnificent homes, and enough shops to hold my interest on a sunny afternoon walk. In many ways, arriving by ferry reminded me of the cliffside villages in Cinque Terre on the Italian Mediterranean. Waterside attractions, hillside villas, and people out enjoying the day on bike, foot, and bench. It also helped that we were treated to gorgeous late Summer weather.

Just the Top

The palm tree above was one of the first sights I saw off the ferry, in a little park near the visitor's information booth. It's sometimes hard on vacation to be creative and capture shots that not only portray the particular tourist location you are visiting, but are also eye-capturing and vivid. In Sausalito, I found my creativity by looking up, be it at the window detail of a home, the bright greens of a palm tree, or two distracting balloons outside a taffy shop. Lesson learned: shift your point of view when composing a photograph. Look up, kneel on the ground, or lay on your back for that perfect photo. It's worth it, I promise.

Up, Up, and Away

Eric Lovelin Photography

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