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Monday, October 19, 2009


Several weeks ago, after settling in Chico and getting used to my new schedule, I committed myself to blogging each and every day of the week. While my record is not perfect, I have maintained regular posts with new and fresh ideas. One thing that writing daily blog posts has required me to do is be conscious of photographic opportunities. I take my camera to work every day and always have it out at home, battery charged, and memory card loaded. This tactic will come as no surprise to new parents I imagine (Chris and Anya) as they attempt to capture some of the brilliant moments in the early weeks of their child's life, like the first time a youngster reaches toward a glass of Guinness.

Now that I am always prepared to take a photo, I find myself actually following through. While I'm not capturing snapshots of daily cooking or late-night laziness, there are small moments each day that I find irresistibly artistic and beautiful. The first photo below is from a short but casual stroll through the Farmers' Market last weekend.

Cinderella's Bounty

Recently, you'll remember that Molly and I walked through Chico's Bidwell Park to see the fall colors that had yet to arrive. I collected a beautiful pinecone there and was hoping to take additional photos of it. Unfortunately, it began to disintegrate and I was devastated. As Molly showed me the remnants, I thought this little kernel was even better than the original and looked great in the windowsill at the day's last light with two recently plucked autumn leaves.

Ruby Red Pinecone

So if you want to capture the best photographs possible, I would recommend committing to taking them and be prepared to see better results day after day. Both of the above images are available on Etsy for purchase by clicking the image below.

Eric Lovelin Photography

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