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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taking Advantage

I posted yesterday about nature's confusion here in Chico - is it going to be fall or are we still holding on to the end of summer? Either way, I think it is clear to me that people are taking advantage of the warmer, sunny weather. It's the perfect time of the year to be out walking your dog, relaxing on a public bench, or taking a bicycle ride through town. I had many complaints with Madison's version of Autumn, the main one being that it just didn't really exist. Summer ended, the leaves began to turn, and then a storm would decimate any early Fall colors. In Madison, Fall was just as short as the summer growing season.

But in Chico, the weather is still warm and the rich shades of yellow, orange, and red are beginning to show themselves. I drove through town yesterday afternoon looking for these hues and found many of them near Chico's Bidwell Park, approximately 2500 acres of creeks, ponds, groves, fields, and rock formations stretching east from Chico's downtown neighborhoods.

Late Afternoon Rest

I'll have more pictures from Bidwell Park soon, but I'll leave you with some exciting upcoming blog entries and a photo from downtown Chico. Stay tuned to the blog for some awesome new posts, including: a hot air balloon lift Saturday morning, the world's best chocolate chip cookies (according to the New York Times), and Thrill the World Chico, a local group dancing that famous group dance this Saturday afternoon simultaneously with the rest of the world!

Autumn Bike Ride

Eric Lovelin Photography

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