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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well I had finally geared up for fall in Chico. I was ready to photograph vibrant leaves, nature's debris on sidewalks and street corners, and stormy and cooler days to come. But now I'm just distracted and don't know what to photograph. And you know why? Because the arrival of Autumn has been full-blown placed on hold. It's just too warm here. 80 degrees in mid October? The good news is that those fall colors that have arrived are sticking around for an extended period of time while the other leaves decide to catch up when the weather cools. So what do I photograph? How about a little bit of both.

Pumpkins to Go

Little "Pumpkins to Go" at the organic flower stand at Chico's Farmers Market

While we were in Sausalito working on our tans in the little waterfront village, it certainly felt like late summer. I captured the somewhat exotic scene below in the Sausalito square. Is there a name for this type of architectural influence?

In Sausalito?

And this little fellow was waiting to say goodbye to us as we departed Sausalito on the ferry. That vibrant blue sky reminds me of late afternoon in the summer.


Eric Lovelin Photography

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