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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surprised by Fall

I think I became to adjusted to Wisconsin's version of Fall. It's short, the color is a mere blip on a seasonal radar, and when the leaves drop shortly after becoming colorful winter has arrived. Needless to say, Autumn in Chico is surprising me. Summer weather seems to be hanging on, with highs in the mid 70s (do they still call that an Indian Summer?), but cool nights and falling leaves signal the arrival of Fall. The result? Beautiful color that you can appreciate outside, camera in hand.

Recently, Molly, Nancy, and I took the dogs to the Chico Tree Improvement Center for a walk. It was a wonderful opportunity to bring my camera in addition to being outside this time of year. I have many great stories and shots from the walk, but I wanted to share this photo that Molly spotted, yelling "Take a photo of that fern. Its texture will be great in black and white!" She must have been paying attention to that blog entry.


On our way home, we picked up Grandma Meg for dinner. While I was waiting, I spotted this beauty alone in her yard, begging to be preserved on digital film.

Backyard Beauty

Eric Lovelin Photography

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