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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love that Texture!

I've posted a variety of red photos recently from my photo walk with the Microsoft Photo Club awhile back. It seems like a great coincidence that I would get to share all of these photos with you during our "reddest" month, with both Valentine's Day and "Wear Red" Day for Heart Disease Prevention Month. Mostly I'm excited to share these red images with you because they were a creative challenge and I hope you see the diversity of the images I was able to capture at Pike Place Market.

Don't you love the texture that black iron gate provides to the red wall hiding at the back of a store at the market? I would argue that red is prominent in the image, but also that the iron gate is the most interesting item, giving life and character to what would otherwise be a giant block of red. What do you think?
Eric Lovelin Photography

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