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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Up Close with Mr. Ed

After Granny's service on Friday while spending time with family and friends at Granny's house in Orondo, Washington, I walked across the road with the triplets of my mom's cousin Robin. My cousins Jennifer and Heather, Heather's husband Ted, and Robin's brother Andy. Together, it was quite a trip to see a horse penned near the neighbor's yard. While I accompanied the crowd mostly to capture some photos of the triplets, I had the opportunity to snap some photos of this majestic equine too.

Sometimes photography is about making the most of a given situation that you want to capture. Here, I definitely couldn't resist photographing the horse, but was fighting direct afternoon sun, a less than ideal setting with a variety of rubbish and outbuildings crowding the scenery, and a distracted and nervous horse, the latter no doubt owing to the constant attention of the 8-year old girls. So my solution was to get close and focus on the exquisite details of the horse, since these really couldn't be confused for anything else.

My Eye on You

I think the thing I love about these photos is how well they work together. I would love to have them framed with a white mat and place them adjacent to each other on the same wall. After you've captured moments on digital film, what sort of thoughts do you have about framing, matting, etc.? Or do you just appreciate them for the representation of the memory of that event? Let me know in comments!

Delicate Fur

Eric Lovelin Photography

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