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Sunday, January 3, 2010

One for the Dogs

With Christmas Day being our first day of rest and relaxation in weeks, it was wonderful to sleep in, wear pajamas and robes, and not be in a hurry to do anything. Even the dogs were lazier than usual, which was great news for my camera. Usually, these balls of energy don't stay still long enough to even look at, let alone snap a photo. But Christmas Day was entirely different: calm, collected, and stationary. The result? Several great snapshots of Drifter and Muttley!

Here's Lookin' at You

Muttley looked great as a reindeer.

Reindeer Dog!

And Drifter could not have been more relaxed.

Time for Presents?

Perhaps my favorite because you can't see all of Drifter.

Sleepy Puppy

Eric Lovelin Photography

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