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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Out for a Hike

Molly and I recently purchased a book that encourages the physical exploration of the Greater Seattle Area: 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Seattle. While there are lots of hiking books, especially in a place as outdoorsy as the Northwest, I like this one for not only the hard data it provides about each hike (elevation gain, length, GPS locations, etc.) and the cross-referencing by purpose of the hike (see a waterfall, take in a view, hike through wildflowers...), but also for the narratives the authors have included about each hike. It's not enough for them to simply tell you how to get to the trailhead, show you a map, and suggest how long it might take you to complete the out-and-back or loop hike you're planning to finish. Instead, they include a few pages with each hike that "walk" you through the experience you're about to have, things not to miss, helpful tips for staying on the path, and a bit of information about what makes that particular hike worthy of being in this book. Excellent addition.

Molly and I recently hiked the Anti-Aircraft loop out at Cougar Mountain just east of Bellevue. Apparently the military once had a missile launch and missile-command radar station atop this peak. While we didn't see that on our hike, we did experience a clay pit, Lost Beagle Trail, an open shaft for mining ventilation, and a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. And Drifter thoroughly enjoyed the change of scene as well.

Drifter rolling in the sand at the clay pit.

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