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Thursday, March 14, 2013

See Spot Run

To be fair, the title of this blog post is only partially true. It does include photos of dogs running, but neither of them are named Spot. In fact, they're Birdy and Georgie, an unlikely pair.

One is classically lovable, faithful, and obedient. The other is Georgie.

One listens, fetches, sits, and seems to mind. The other is Georgie.

And you'll see one sprinting to catch the ball time after time in these photos. The other simply chases her, nipping at her back.

You get the picture.

I captured these photos over Winter Break in Chico, on a sunny afternoon when all the dogs could stand to do was be outside. We happily obliged.


Drifter hung out and watched the show, most likely wondering why these dogs were running if they didn't have to.

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