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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Walk to Remember

First, I must apologize for the horrific blog post title today. I had played around with different ways to tease this entry, but opted for the most obvious and most accurate. And since I'll truly never forget the afternoon we spent on Carmel Beach shortly before our honeymoon ended, I thought I'd let the title stick!

Molly and I both have fond memories of the Pacific Coast as children, though from fairly different geographic locales. I used to frequent the Oregon Coast, go clamming, sit inside on the rainy afternoons and read or play board games, and occasionally dip my toes in the water. Molly's memories involve a more temperate climate, so she spent a great deal more time in the water and in the sand than I might have as a child. Nevertheless, we're now married and get to create our own memories for what the beach will be for us.

This particular afternoon at the beach in Carmel was sunny and a bit windy, but altogether enjoyable. We walked together, commented on the sights and sounds of the beach, and made and captured a few memories to preserve the moment. I hope you enjoy a window into our afternoon walk and will share with me your favorite memories from the beach!


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