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Monday, December 10, 2012

Squirrels: a love affair

I'll get back to sharing a bit more of Carmel soon. But first, I had to take a quick detour to focus on something we saw while out on 17-Mile Drive near Pebble Beach. Along this drive, Molly and I stopped at Bird Rock, a fairly sizable landmark rising out of the Pacific Ocean and home to many different birds and sea lions, each of whom seemed extremely loud and active. But the most active and curious creatures at Bird Rock that afternoon were the ground squirrels.

Now I've been many places where squirrels are far from shy. I even had one climb up my leg while on a hike in Eastern Oregon. But there was something different about these little guys (and gals). They were not only extremely interested in the humans who cycled through this stop on 17-Mile Drive, but they were genuinely curious about each other, and playful in their interactions. Several of them even appeared to be engaged in a bit of flirting and courtship: Squirrels, a Love Story.

And here are a few other curious squirrels, one clearly taking advantage of the tourists and the other a bit too interested in me.

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