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Thursday, January 5, 2012


We all know that the push for additional exercise, better eating, and new gym memberships in the New Year sometimes has direct ties to someone's long history of poor health and a desire to finally make that change. But I'm also realizing that this can be a knee-jerk reaction to several weeks of poor choices made at work, around family, and while traveling, where sweets, fatty foods, and comfort-on-a-plate abound. On the latter point, perhaps I'm just speaking for myself.

Nevertheless, sometimes you just need a delicious, fudgy chocolate cookie to get through the holidays. Or an entire tin of them. Holiday snacking can be like Pringles, you just can't stop. Especially when that snacking includes Janet Baker's famous (at least in some circles) fudgies. I can't share this age-old secret family recipe, but I can tell you that they have the delicious chewy fudge interior with the exterior crispness of a cookie, and they only get better with time. Also, with a healthy dose of sweetened-condensed milk, these are definitely a winter-waistline, storing-up-for-hibernation cookie!
Eric Lovelin Photography

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