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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Couple

There was a full house on Christmas Eve with Molly's family in Chico. Six grown adults can be a challenge at the holidays, especially if strong personalities are present. But if you add in four dogs, two of which are puppies, anything can happen. Again, I think we were fairly lucky to be able to give the dogs enough attention to tire them out and allow us to enjoy our Christmas Eve feast and Christmas Day celebrations.

And I was glad that things went smoothly, mostly because Hanna had invited her new boyfriend, Tyler. Most of the family had met him already (save for me), but high-pressure holiday celebrations are a completely different ball game. I think everyone made it out alive and no worse for wear. And we had a bit of fun in the process. We look forward to hanging out with Hanna and Tyler again soon!
Eric Lovelin Photography

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