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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seeing Red

No, this post doesn't have to do with a chance reunion between Chris Barry and myself (he lovingly refers to me as Eric the Red). And it has nothing to do with anger, because "Seeing Red" often refers to a heightened level of irritation and annoyance. Rather, this post is a celebration of the color red, making appearances now throughout Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum.

Isn't that red in those leaves beautiful? And I love that shooting them from underneath (which logistically was my only option), happens to bring out that red hue by highlighting the green veining throughout the center of these leaves.

And how about the deep wine red, burgundy pulsing through the leaves of this Japanese Maple? But they won't let you forget that they're still in transition - can you see the green holding on at the stem of the leaves?

I have much more to share with you from the arboretum - more red, some orange, a bit of texture, and some eccentric and natural shapes. Please stand by!
Eric Lovelin Photography


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