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Monday, March 14, 2011


I think that there are almost as many variations of chocolate chip cookies as there are colors. Sure, everyone seems to start with the same basic ingredients and method of preparation. But where do you go from there? I always remember the first time I tried a chocolate chip cookie other than my mother's - it was at my cousin's and my aunt had religiously followed the Tollhouse recipe on the back of the bag. The cookies were warm and rich, but much flatter than I had ever seen. My mother's cookies--which always included oatmeal--were always a tall, round affair. And much chewier than the melty alternate at my relatives' home.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cake

Recently I made a delicious concoction that can only pay homage to the cookies I ate as a child. This oatmeal chocolate chip cake from the cookbook Baked Explorations is best described as the marriage of a chocolate chip cookie and coffee cake. It has the texture of warm banana bread and the flavor of everyone's favorite childhood cookie. And it was insanely easy to mix together - much more effortless than the numerous steps of a chocolate chip cookie. When it came time to photograph it (and consume it), I knew a glass of milk was required. Try not to salivate on your monitor as you read this.
Eric Lovelin Photography


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