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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Social Affair

Just outside our kitchen window is a small garden. A tree overhangs this small side yard and now has a finch sock hanging in it. When I'm standing at the sink, I find it fun to watch the social affair of eating. They seem to chirp at each other from the tree and decide when to descend upon the sock to peck a few seeds out and then return to the walnut trees in the orchard. I've never seen fewer than two at the "table," and loved to see the communication--vocally and physically--that occurred before the quick drop onto the sock.

A Pair

I captured these two photos of a pair of finches and then a trio. They're beautiful little birds, only a couple inches in length with subtle coloring. They seemed to know I was there waiting for them, and certainly tested any patience I had. It paid off.

Three of a Kind

Eric Lovelin Photography


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