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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Little Female Dog

Birdy arrived at Christmas, a gift for Molly's dad. A friend of his bred the litter and Carl picked out Birdy from a selection of chocolate labs. This is a big deal - having two daughters in the household, Carl hadn't made a dog decision in years. And now he has Birdy, his own bird dog to travel with him to the ranch in Richvale. Her arrival wasn't a surprise at all - we'd been telling friends and family about her for weeks. Two of these friends--JoAnn and Jerry--were kind enough to gift a big, plush bed for Birdy for Christmas.

What I love about the bed will be quite apparent. I call this image Bitch on Bitch and it's one of my favorites from the holidays.

Bitch on Bitch

Eric Lovelin Photography


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