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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Look Up

Every now and then on this blog I throw out some tips for photographers, almost never anything too technical and usually a piece of advice that's harmless and even fairly obvious. These blog entries stem not from my wealth of knowledge and expertise, but rather from an explanation of how I compose and capture photographs.

While up in Portland for the holidays visiting family, my father requested a trip to Pittock Mansion, a historic home overlooking downtown and now owned by the city's Parks & Recreation Department. It was my dad's birthday, and I couldn't very well say no, though there's something about the combination of Victorian interiors and over-the-top Christmas decorations that is not all that appealing to me. Nevertheless, I made the most of the trip and found some interesting design elements to capture on digital film. This first photo was from the very first room we viewed. While the rest of the room was Christmas trees, garland, and antique reproductions, I loved the design on the ceiling and this photo puts an intricate chandelier in the foreground in front of that same ceiling. And all I had to do was look up, away from the things I found uninteresting to something I couldn't wait to capture.

Hanging Out

Eric Lovelin Photography


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