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Thursday, January 6, 2011


One of the best things about the holidays--when they truly arrive and the madness of the shopping season is over--is the ability to lay around, to do nothing, to relax, to be lazy. I don't mean lazy in the couch-potato, never-get-a-job, don't-shower kind of way. But lazy is the best sense of the word, the determined unwillingness to celebrate doing nothing. Just for a little bit. The best examples of this at the holidays have to be dogs. Cats are masters of the lazy and don't need to wait for the holidays. But dogs let you know it's okay to not get up from that chair for hours and to grab that nap if you want.

Drifter lounged a great deal during the holidays, which afforded me some time for snapshots, when I wasn't being equally as lazy.

Drifter Looks Away

Drifter's Ottoman

Eric Lovelin Photography


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