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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Better Late than Never

I got caught up in posting all my photos from Chico's Thrill the World event that I couldn't stop to share with you these personal photos of us dressed up for Halloween. We gave out candy downtown at Treat Street, hosted by the Downtown Chico Business Association. I dressed as an Austrian wanderer since I was able to scrounge up all the costume elements. Molly found a black track suit, a trophy, and some medals--perfect for Glee's Sue Sylvester. And Drifter went again as a pumpkin since he loves it so. Enjoy!

Der Wanderer

Sue Sylvester with Dog

Halloween Costumes-3

Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. Who the heck is that skinny guy with Molly!!! Easily my favorite element of your costume is the lanyard. Priceless. Allison and I need to see you for a couple of days. What is the best way to make that happen?