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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Unexpected

If I were to make an argument for carrying a camera with you at all times, it would be to capture the unexpected, not to set out and photograph something you anticipate. This proved successful recently when I was at Noble Orchards in Paradise. Sure I had my camera and yes I was there to sample delicious fruit and capture photos of their farm, but I didn't anticipate the arrival of an old Chevrolet sedan, complete with lots of vibrant orange paint and shiny chrome.

I quickly took a break from my photographic routine to capture this beautiful car. I would have loved to obsess over this vehicle with my camera, but opted for a few snaps to see how they turn out. I like this final shot, which gives you just a taste of the highlights of this style of American vehicle: smooth curves, bright chrome, paint color that makes a statement, and a vintage California license plate.

Chevy Grill

Eric Lovelin Photography

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