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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giving Her Away

One of the most antiquated traditions that occurs during a wedding ceremony is the act of giving the bride away, transferring her as a possession of her father to one of her husband. It's a quick moment, one that's often downplayed these days in more contemporary ceremonies. I have to tell you that my favorite father-daughter moment that still takes place at most wedding receptions is the father-daughter dance after the bride's and groom's first dance. It's a soft moment where the father has a final opportunity to congratulate his daughter, smile with pride, and enjoy the beauty of his married child. Guess that's just the Romantic in me.

Thanks for Giving Me Away

Danielle - you were so gorgeous dancing with your father. I could see his love for you and how content he was with your decision to marry Dan. These photos show how much he knows that you two will be so happy together in all the next steps of your lives.

A Quiet Moment          All Smiles

Eric Lovelin Photography

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