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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Couples

I had the opportunity and privilege to photograph many of our friends at the wedding of Sarah Bassuk and Devon Mundal. And I also was able to photograph our friends as couples, which was exciting to see so many people who had found a compliment and partner. You've seen Sam and Tippy already, but today I want to share with you not only an additional couple with one Whittie, but that day's happy couple comprised of two Whitman graduates. After all, an obscene amount of us marry classmates sometime during our lives.

Below is a shot of Sarah and Devon I stole while the real photographer did her thing. I love the profile and the way in which it's set against the grass and water. You two are a gorgeous and amazing couple and I wish you all the best!

The Happy Couple

And Molly and I were especially excited to see Becky, Molly's roommate from North Hall sophomore year at Whitman. Secretly, I was excited to see her and meet her boyfriend Jason so that we could fall back into our midwestern accents with this couple from Minnesota. If you click through to see this photo, I've titled it 10,000 Lakes Love as an ode to their falling in love in Minnesota. Becky, you've got a great catch with Jason and we enjoyed hanging out with him!

10,000 Lakes Love

Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. Great pictures Eric! Thank you for sharing, and the sweet message too!

  2. Oh for sweet. We LOVED seeing you guys too, and you just give me a call whenever you want to talk Midwestern. Miss you lots! Hope to see you and Molly again soon.