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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comfort in Old Friends

One of the reasons I love getting together with college classmates at weddings is that there is comfort in seeing old friends. You have history together, and once the usual catching up is completed, you fall back into a rhythm and have an enjoyable time.

While I get to see friends Sam and Tippy on a somewhat regular basis (as we all are living in Portland), it was still fun to see them in a new location, almost as if we were reconnecting. Sam and I were roommates during our first year at Whitman College and remained friends throughout our years there with too many experiences and memories to list here. Tippy lived in Molly's section as a first year resident and I can't even recall how our friendship emerged, but I know it must have had something to do with our shared sense of humor, appreciation for all things political and also quirky, and the fact that we shared a metropolitan area. I'm glad that they have found each other, share a love for movies and video games, and are the proud parents of a new fish!

Sam and Tippy

During the wedding dinner, I also captured this shot of Sam that couldn't better portray his ability to be simultaneously wacky and demure.

Sam with Cookie

Eric Lovelin Photography

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