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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pretty Puppy

There are many reasons in life to be proud. Some are rather obvious and make sense: graduations, weight loss, world records. Others are just natural, innate. For many, that pride comes from kids - looking at them, watching their small accomplishments, just knowing they're around. While we have no kids, we have a puppy that I love to boast about.

I'll never forget teaching Drifter how to walk down stairs, watching him come to Molly when called, and seeing him test out the water in the creek at Bidwell Park and slowly get in. After a long walk last weekend through Bidwell Park, poor little puppy was tired and just wanted to lounge around in Carl's leather chair, escaping the heat outside. I took it as an opportunity to snap some shots of him.

Stop Daddy

Sexy Profile

Eric Lovelin Photography

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