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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Like a Record

You spin me round.

I'm taking a slight break from ferris wheel shots to bring you this image of the Starship 2000 at Portland's Waterfront Village. I sure hope you enjoyed the color images of the ferris wheel from yesterday - stay tuned for two black and white images tomorrow that I absolutely love! Back to the Starship...

As a child I would never get on this ride at amusement parks or fairs. Back then it was called the Gravitron, incorrectly referring to the science behind the experience of the ride. As it turns out, it's not gravity working in this spinning device, but rather inertial centrifugal force. I love the consistent color and motion in the spinning of this photo, but could do without some of the extraneous ride paraphernalia surrounding the device. It's a good thing some of those are covered by darkness and the bright spinning lights stand out.

Like a Record

Eric Lovelin Photography

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