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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back pedaling

In this digital age, back pedaling has become a real task. I suppose that doing the right thing in the first place would prevent the need for additional blog entries or posts to clarify, kiss up, and remedy any hurt feelings. The truth is that I posted an older photo of the Lindahl ladies recently and took some heat for the photo, which may have been deemed less than flattering.

Well fear not, Miss Hanna, for I have a new and updated photo of you to share with the digital universe! Almost a month ago Hanna and I were present to help celebrate Nina's pinning for her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from University of Portland. And Hanna is near completion of her Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from California State University-Chico, where she has been an integral part of several design projects and will be even more amazing than she currently is when she graduates next May, with hopes to pursue commercial and retail interior design after commencement.

Hanna and Nina have been friends since childhood, even arguably inseparable. They even share the same birthday! This image was captured on the University of Portland campus and is a snapshot of these two at such an accomplished time in their lives. Congratulations to you both for the wonderful things you've done and will do!

Nina and Hanna

Eric Lovelin Photography

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