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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nina – Anytime Shoot!

One week ago I had the pleasure of photographing Nina, a family friend and confident young woman. Nina is a nursing student at the University of Portland and will graduate in a few short weeks, ready to be unleashed into the world and fight the rest of the West Coast's nursing students for a handful of entry-level RN jobs. But more importantly, Nina is a young woman who has lead a worldly life, born and living for a decade in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, relocating to Northern California, and finally ending up in the Pacific Northwest for college. I would argue she has fully embraced each of these places as home, and I was happy to see her in my hometown as a Dansko- and Keen-loving, casual clothing-wearing, coffee connoisseur.

Nina was a natural in front of the camera. It only took a moment to relax and be herself for some amazing photos. I love the above pose and it was Nina's natural instinct that brought about such a great shot!

How great does Nina look surrounded by the natural beauty of Cathedral Park in Portland's St. Johns neighborhood? Below is a classic shot of the park underneath the St. John's Bridge.

In this final photo, I love the contrast between Nina's beauty and the grunge that you sometimes find in urban settings, even in parks!

You can view the full gallery set of photos on Nina's Anytime Shoot website here.
Eric Lovelin Photography

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