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Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo Assignments

While in Chico, I've had a great variety of photographic opportunities. Some of them I've created for myself (shooting on Saturdays at the market) while others have been requested of me. I've been excited and happy to help Nancy with her photos for the Sweet Basil and the Bee column that appears weekly on Wednesdays in the Chico Enterprise-Record.

Most recently, in preparation for e-mail marketing from Zucchini & Vine about Valentine's Day merchandise, I shot Jo's Candies Dark Salt Caramel Corn. I hope that this photo can somewhat portray how delicious this really is. Jo's took caramel corn with a slight toffee taste, added sea salt, and then covered it in dark chocolate.

Dark Salt Caramel Corn

And here's a closer shot so you can salivate on your computer monitor!

Popped Chocolate

Eric Lovelin Photography

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