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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Gardens

As we move into December, I am still thinking back to the wonderful time I had in Redding on my birthday with Molly. I have yet to blog about some of the great exhibits we visited only because I haven't had a chance to edit and compile the pictures for the blog. But it's on the list for the day. I know you all are excited to hear about poop and legos. That's right - at Turtle Bay they kind of go together.

Instead, I'm going to share some photos with you from our stroll through the gardens near the Sundial Bridge along the Sacramento River in Redding. While the gardens weren't their most beautiful, it was a crisp and sunny afternoon and there was much to look at and photograph. Check out the textures and contrast in this black and white image of an aloe vera plant!

Aloe's Texture

I'm not sure what plant this pretty bloom belonged to, but I had a great time photographing it and the little bug on its leaf.

Blooming in Fall?

Here's a final shot in black and white of the soft but crisp texture of this plant, perhaps a grain or member of the grain family.

Flowering in Black and White

Eric Lovelin Photography

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