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Monday, December 7, 2009

Holidays in Chico

It seems a little late to provide a recap of our Thanksgiving festivities, it now being the eighth of December. Thus, the vague title to this blog entry. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving was wonderful. After a 5K walk in the morning and a short frenzy of cooking, we relaxed in front of the TV and napped. By the time dinner came, we were hungry, but not ravenous. Our plates were full, the company was loving and fun, and we were thankful for too much to voice.

At the conclusion of the meal, it didn't take long for the effects of a large meal and a good quantity of turkey to take hold.

Tired Sisters

Even the dogs just couldn't resist laying down and giving way to lethargy.

Sleepy Puppy Exhausted

But after dessert, while everyone else was napping, Nancy and I enjoyed Irish coffees. In all honesty, it might have been a bit much after the other adult beverages we enjoyed before dinner and with our meal. Also too, Nancy's Irish Coffees are a bit more Irish than they are coffee. But that's nothing to complain about!

Irish Coffee Fixings

Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. This is my shameless shill for a free photo. I can't believe how similar Molly and her sister look. She'd probably hurt me for saying that. :)

  2. I love how all of these have a warm orange glow to them....perfect for fall and the holidays :)

  3. If Chris can't win a free photo, then I will try. Aw - these photos make me miss Drifter (and you guys of course). Lewis wanted me to tell you that he misses Drifter too! :)