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Friday, November 13, 2009

Step away from the leaf!

So I have this new obsession that arose with the turn of Autumn. I just can't resist stopping to pick up leaves. I'm fascinated by the rich color variations, the deep veins, and even the color gradations, a bright orange that slowly fades to a bold crimson. My only wish was that I had a better "studio" to photograph them. I actually enjoy them on the street, captured on film where they've fallen, but I don't always have the opportunity to stop and set up a shot. Here's a recent leaf I brought home.

Orange you glad I picked up this leaf?

I set this one in the windowsill to get the natural lighting from the window to illuminate those veins for the black and white photo I had in mind.

Show me those veins!

In the coming days, I promise to begin to photograph other things.

Eric Lovelin Photography

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