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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thrill the World

I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday to participate in Chico's Thrill the World, a local group of people from all ages dancing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance simultaneously with groups from all over the world at 5:30 pm PDT. I think it was the best community event I have seen in Chico since we moved here. Cathy Small-Tuttle, the local organizer and a first grade teacher, promoted the event in conversation and through interviews with local media. In the end, over 200 people participated in the dance last evening. Cathy is pictured below with one of her zombie dancers.

Zombie Organizer and Participant

The event began with each dancer being registered for verification of the world record. Then, it was off to hair and makeup done by local volunteers. Here, a young girl has perfected her look with 80's style teased hair, leaves, and enough makeup to get that faded look of the undead.

Preparing to Dance

I slowly got excited as I walked around and chronicled the event on "film." After all was said and done, I took over 630 photos, about 200 of which I kept to look at in further detail and edit. That process now seems never-ending. Before I post the final dance shots from Thrill the World Chico 2009, I feel the need to defend my assertion that this was one of Chico's best community events. Not only did Cathy commit many hours to teaching hundreds of community members to dance like MJ, but I witnessed grandmothers and grandchildren together (below), school children to the retired, and a general excitement and feeling of camaraderie amongst this group of dancers. To top it off, an equal number of individuals came to observe, photograph, videotape, and stand in awe as the dance unfolded. It was not only unique, but fun for all ages.

Zombie Grandmother and Granddaughter

Thrill The World

Dead Walk

Thanks again Cathy for the fun times. And to all you readers, stay tuned for more zombie photos as I process them!

Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. Your graphics in photography is stunning! You are on the correct course!

  2. I have never seen a mass of dead people look so beautiful before! Thank you for taking such amazing pictures and sharing them with us.

  3. I totally would have dressed up. This event looks amazing!! How fun!!