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Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've recently been semi-employed, without a steady income though also starting to help out at Zucchini & Vine and working on a website for myself and others. Though I'm certainly in transition, I didn't expect to be confused by a mixture of relaxation and work that I've recently experienced. It almost feels like a vacation that I occasionally get called away from to search for jobs, complete applications, and be employed in Chico. I like the freedoms it gives me, but certainly not the lack of dollar bills that also comes along with it.

That said, I'm finally taking a real vacation, and to a place I absolutely love. I arrived in Portland today by plane (more on that soon) and leave by truck, with boat, tomorrow for Lake Chelan in North Central Washington. My family has owned a cabin on the lake since the early 20th century and I cannot think of a better place to relax, swim, read a good book, and visit with friends and family. It really is a place unto its own. Here's the view from the front deck.

Flag Waves over Lake Chelan

My plane trip was absolutely amazing. I flew Southwest Airlines for the first time and was unsure what to expect. I've read great reviews about Southwest's business practices but also heard them referred to as "Southworst Airlines." Well it was time I made up my own mind and braved a new airline. And you know what? I absolutely loved Southwest!!! I checked in online (just one click!), spent less than 4 minutes checking my bag in Sacramento, and was the sixth person to board the plane. Moreover, I got to choose my own seat at the window in the third aisle of the plane, a comfortable leather seat with plenty of legroom and only one other person in my row. On top of that, every crew member was friendly, fast, courteous, and efficient. They had that Boeing 737 loaded and ready to go in less than 10 minutes! We even left Sacramento 5 minutes early.

Love to Fly?

If you can tell me the last time you were positively surprised by the high level of service you received from an airline, I'd love to hear about it. My most recent stories are only hellish, involving hidden fees, increased charges to check bags, and disgruntled employees just ready for their day of flying to be over. Those experiences are a far cry from the unbelievable start I had to my trip courtesy of Southwest Airlines. And to top it off, I was greeted north of the Siskiyou's with this gorgeous view of Central Oregon about 20 minutes before landing in Portland. You midwesterners sure don't know what you're missing out here.

Welcome to Oregon

I'll be off the grid for a few days (no internet or TV at the lake), but rest assured there will be plenty of photos and stories to blog when I return!

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  1. I think it's ridiculous how you can make a picture of an airplane wing look great.