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Saturday, August 22, 2009

mPix Pro

I recently subscribed to a new photography printing service mPix Pro. I had previously used the ever popular mPix online printing for photos, photo books, and large mounted prints. When the possibility of having even more expanded printing options with faster shipping times and convenient ordering software arose with mPix Pro, I jumped at the opportunity!

I set up my mPix Pro account, specifying that I receive less than 25% of my income from photography sales, as mPix Pro is only for professional photographers that receive money for photography. When someone signs up for this service, you choose 5 photos to receive as 8x10 prints to make sure your monitor is calibrated correctly and colors are showing up as you had thought in the final printed product. Not only did my prints look amazing (as expected), but the prints arrived quickly with a welcome package, complete with a catalog, paper samples, and a welcome note. How unexpected and delightfully perfect!

I quickly realized that I needed to place an additional order. After setting up my website, I set about creating business cards to order through mPix Pro. The design took longer than expected, but I finally had them uploaded late Tuesday night with the understanding that they would spend 1-2 days in the lab and then ship out. Surprisingly, they shipped the next day (Wednesday afternoon) and I received them Thursday. When I opened the package, my jaw dropped at the high quality of the product and also the hand signed note inside thanking me for my first "real" order, besides those complimentary prints.

In short, I want to applaud mPix Pro for offering not only products of a vast variety and amazing quality, but impeccable service to back up those offerings. Hats off to you!

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