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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Settling into an apartment must be one of the best feelings of young adulthood, claiming a space as one's own, making it a home, and then sharing it with others close to you. Conversely, packing and moving is often found to be tiresome, difficult, and never ending at a time when one anxiously expects the former sentiments of comfort and ownership.

I find myself at this juncture, frantically packing items to get them out of my current space, while simultaneously holding the keys to my new abode, excited for Saturday when the movers will come and empty this one-bedroom loft apartment for our new and charming two-bedroom flat in a wonderful Madison neighborhood, complete with porches, families, dogs, and manicured yards.

It is my hope to share with you some rough photos of that location, recently captured and empty, ready for our eclectic collection of furniture, art, dishes, books, and more.

The exterior to the home that houses our flat and another upstairs is painted a lovely pale yellow and comes complete with an enclosed porch, bistro set, and lanterns for long summer nights of mojitos and conversation.Upon entering our apartment, I was struck by the old world charm of the living and dining room space. It immediately reminded Molly and me of our college rentals in Walla Walla. Old, creaky wood floors, worn with memories and experiences of those long gone from 2018 Madison Street. Stiff windows surrounded by dark wood trim remain open, allowing in the summer breeze to whisk away the humid summer nights.I spend much of my time in my living area, reading, chatting with Molly, taking in a good movie or bad television. Nevertheless, Molly and I love to cook, and a kitchen is a central and necessary functional space for our daily lives. We are excited to finally have a gas range and oven in our own apartment, a (soon to be) newly-installed dishwasher, and a rack to hang the pots and pans that daily touch chicken, pasta, and other foods.

Our bedroom is small, yielding the larger of the two bedrooms to an office space that will support my many books and book cases, two desks and computers, and various other odds and ends. Despite this, I look forward to its coziness, enveloping us as we fall into deep sleep each night.
Just between the bedrooms is our quaint and very seafoam green bathroom. My capture below shows Drifter, desperately seeking a drink from the bathroom faucet, having failed to get one from the toilet or shower. Outside the bathroom is my favorite new feature of our apartment, an old-fashioned historic lamp, not connected to a light switch, only accessibly by a reaching and curious arm, wondering about its light output and odd familiarity in this apartment.

I look forward to sharing further photos of our new apartment with you--photos of our odds and ends, captured memories of friends and family, and life's events in this space as the seasons change and days come and go. Stay tuned...

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