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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Signs of Spring

The markers are different across the country, but most people know when Winter is gone and Spring is arriving. When we lived in Wisconsin, it was the early blooms from under the last snowfall's melt. California is perhaps the return of 70- and 80-degree days with a touch of rain. And here in Seattle it's the burst of colors on trees and grounds and the more unexpected weather patterns that plague us in spring.

Get outside and enjoy the blooms, but only after you've made sense of non-committal meteorological phrases like scattered showers, increasing chances of rain, showery, partly cloudy, and convergence zone. When you see all of this in a short span of time during a forecast or on a weather map, it simply means "We're not sure how much or when it will rain, so brace yourself."

But when the skies clear, the temperatures pick up, and Spring shouts with joy, it's time for me to capture a bit of this season and time for all Pacific Northwest residents to pour out into the streets, with dogs, jogging gear, watercrafts, and more.

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