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Monday, October 3, 2011

First Day

Thanks for sticking with me while I transitioned from life in California to unpacking and getting settled in the Pacific Northwest. We have had some beautiful weather in Seattle, though Fall has now arrived and was marked this weekend by heavy rain and overcast skies today. Which is fine by me, because clouds make for perfect still life and portrait lighting!

Last week Molly began graduate school at Seattle University, where she'll be working on a master's degree in sports administration and leadership. The program is a brilliant fit for her, and I was ecstatic to see her off to class last week. Since our dog is still getting used to the new location and has been more neurotic and anxious than usual, I wasn't able to walk her across the street to the bus stop, but I did pick her up from class and snapped a few photos of her, a packed backpack, and her new work environment.

I'm so proud of you Molly and know that you will excel far beyond your own expectations these next two years!

Eric Lovelin Photography


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