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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wild Ink Press: Part I

What's not to love about letterpress? I recently photographed several new series of greeting cards for Rebekah Tennis, the owner of Wild Ink Press here in Chico. Wild Ink Press is bringing new and fresh designs to an age-old technique of printing, using hundred-year-old equipment. If you've never had the privilege of seeing letterpress in person, I promise you that you may never purchase another greeting card or standard set of stationery once you've gazed at and felt the texture of letterpress.

For my two-day photo shoot with Rebekah, I was charged with capturing images of her new card lines in preparation for a catalog and website updates for the National Stationery Show, which just took place in New York City. I loved the designs, which are unique, well designed, and exceptionally printed. I'm going to begin sharing these designs with you this week, starting with the first one I photographed at the Wild Ink Press headquarters.

I'm not sure there's much to explain here. The design on the front of the card shows a literal representation of the short saying that it accompanies. Of course, with my music background, I love "A Little Note," but what's not to love about the new addition card or the old-school Dr. Mario pill on the front of the apologetic card?

For those with new arrivals, or additions...

If I didn't have custom stationery printed from Wild Ink Press, I would certainly use a box of these up fairly quickly...

A final detailed image...

Eric Lovelin Photography


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