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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Right Light

Everyone loves sunny days. People's moods improve, temperatures rise, and glorious sunsets with vibrant colors are inevitable. But if you prefer to capture the details of a scene, like me, you'll much prefer the soft light that a cloudy afternoon affords. One can think of the could layer as nature's softbox, a filter for that harsh sunlight that glares down, tints our skin, and ruins the details of objects in full sun.

This is precisely the light and weather conditions I was treated to on Saturday while photographing the Chico Certified Farmers Market. Needless to say, the rain eventually rolled in and soaked everything in the area, but not before I scored some excellent captures at the market in the late morning. These flowers are courtesy of California Organic Flowers, which has some of the most amazing offerings year round. If you're in Chico, visit them at the market. Otherwise, you can view their selections online or through my pictures here on the blog!

Fire Zinnias
On Fire

Dahlia Bouquet
Blooming Bouquet

Eric Lovelin Photography

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