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Friday, May 21, 2010

When You Need a Friend

As the proud parent of a cuddly canine, I've always thought that Drifter will eventually need a furry friend to keep him company. Molly's had her share of dogs in her life and has a number of opinions when it comes to a 2nd dog. One thing we can agree on is that he should be a bigger and active dog.

While at the Lake Oswego farmer's market last weekend, I saw this lovable creature patiently waiting for his owner outside the local boulangerie. He instantly reminded me of my little guy and I imagined all the mischief they could get into together. And then I was surprised at how calm and well behaved he was, unlike Drifter. But there's always room for improvement.

All Tied Up

Eric Lovelin Photography


Katie said...

Cute! He does look like a bigger Drifter.

Chris said...

Babies are a little furry too. You could give Drifter a little human brother for companionship. ;)

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