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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final Shots of The Palace Hotel, San Francisco

When I eventually return to San Francisco for whatever my next outing in the city may be, I hope to stay again at The Palace Hotel, not only because we had fantastic service and accommodations, but because I want to photograph even more of the hotel. I'm going to leave you with my last two great shots from our brief overnight stay.

First, I was absolutely obsessed with the shadows these overhead light fixtures in the hallways gave off. I'm not sure I adequately captured my excitement here, but you'll get the idea.

Geometric Shadows

Finally, this was the view out the window of our room. Now, some would argue that this is not beautiful and that they would gladly trade it for a view of the city or the water. NOT ME! I loved the way the walls converged in this courtyard and how the brick adds an extra dimension of texture to the lines in the photo. In many ways, it's my favorite from the shoot. I also love how much it reminds me of the opening scene in Rear Window when the curtain lifts and the camera (as Jimmy Stewart) pans across the courtyard revealing the main scene of the entire film.


Eric Lovelin Photography

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