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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Garden Court

I imagine there are many immaculate and breathtaking spaces in San Francisco's Palace Hotel, but none are quite as impressive as The Garden Court. This interior ballroom has glass skylights that allow natural light in during the day and make it a soft and comfortable space. The architecture is classic and grand, with columns, chandeliers, and arches. The space is home to a $29 breakfast buffet and I imagine some weddings during the spring and summer.

I loved the symmetry of this portion of the ceiling.

Ceiling Symmetry

And I think I finally have a good angled photo in my portfolio.

Just Hanging

I converted the above photos to black and white because the evening lighting was too warm for my taste and the conversion brings out many of the architectural elements. I hope you enjoyed!
Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. Congratulations on the angled shot! Nice composition!

  2. Ah, a $29 breakfast buffet - only in SF. Love the chandeliers in the angled photo.