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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Photo in TIME Magazine

Since I first shared my most recent exciting news with everyone via Facebook, I've had many ask for details about how my photo was chosen and which one it was. Well today I'm going to tell you all about it!

On December 1, I received an afternoon email from Leslie dela Vega, the photo editor for the Nation section of TIME Magazine. She shared with me that they loved one of my Michael Jackson photos and might want to use it in the upcoming Photos of the Year issue. Since they were on a tight deadline, she would need me to email her a high resolution copy of the image and grant rights to publish the photo. At first, I was astonished. And then bewildered. Did TIME really want my photo? Was this a scam? After a few short Google searches, I confirmed that it was in fact the reputable periodical and promptly reacted.

Just two short days later, Leslie shared the good news that my photo had made the layout for the magazine and would be featured with other Michael Jackson photos. I completed the necessary paperwork and even had a short phone interview for a website feature. In short, the image is from Chico's participation in the worldwide simultaneous dancing of "Thriller" on October 24th. Here is the selected image:

Thrill The World

For those of you who are subscribers, you should have already received the December 21st issue. If not, you can pick up your copy on Monday at newsstands and bookstores nationwide. Thanks for the many congratulations and support.

Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. We received our Time copy yesterday and immediately found your photo. We are very proud of you!

  2. Very, very cool Eric. Congratulations!

  3. Great photo - love the costumes. There's also a Madison, WI-based Thriller reenactment on the same spread, though I don't think it was from 10/24.

  4. Eric, love the picutre. Flipped though the magazine right away to find it. Fantastic!


  5. Awesome, congrats!! Hopefully this brings notice to your other work too and maybe they'll invite you to share more of your photos!

  6. LOVE the photo!!! Congrats Eric, you definitely deserve the success!