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Friday, December 18, 2009

LAST DAY - 8x10 Photo Contest!

So today is the final day of the Eric Lovelin Photography 8x10 Photo Contest! I would highly recommend entering, which is as easy as leaving a comment on this blog entry. Just remember, only one entry per person per day. But you might just get lucky and have your one and only comment win you a free 8x10 print of an image of your choice from my portfolio.

So what image would you choose? For me, it's a tough choice. I like a great deal of my new photos and have yet to have many of my old images printed. But if I were to choose one, it would be the following, which I love for its geometric saturation. Just look at those lines!

Geometric Shadows

In your comment today, I encourage you to leave a link to the photo, either on my website or on my Flickr photostream. Or just describe the photo. Note: this doesn't in any way obligate you to have that photo printed if you win. The winner will be announced tomorrow, and you have until midnight tonight (PST) to submit your comment!

Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. Hmm - tough choice. If I won, I might choose one of your natural photos - there is one of a red leaf with a brown acorn (?) or I also really like the black and white tree.

  2. Yeah, we have some arboretum photos on our wall, and those park photos of yours would go along great with them. On another note, wouldn't it be hilarious if your most insulting fan won this contest?:)

  3. Anya and I seem to have similar taste (shocking!). I'm quite partial to Ruby Pinecone, Nature's Geometry, Quiet Bridge in Japanese Tea Garden, and Japanese Hydrangea.

  4. Eric - I love many of your photos. It would be hard for me to choose just one for myself. I love the Japanese bridge, but also like many of the color photos - the bronze leaf, and any outdoors. Your Mexico shots are so vibrant - too many great shots to choose just one!!!

  5. I really love the japanese garden one, but the rose pine cone is a recent favorite!