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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Morning Fog

With a great deal of moisture in the air and great temperature differences here in Chico, I've been treated to some late nights and early mornings filled with fog! I've never really had the opportunity to shoot a lot of fog photos, though I've seen my share of them. I knew I needed to set my exposure compensation a bit higher to maintain the haze of the fog. Also, a good deal of fog photography is black and white to highlight the contrast and texture differences in the photo. With that in mind, I ran to the back yard shed several mornings ago and captured the following photograph.

Foggy Shed

I love the texture on the shed and the foggy haze surrounding it, especially on the left of the photo. I only wished I had remembered to check my ISO, as it was mistakenly set at 640. Lesson learned...

Eric Lovelin Photography