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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Small Landscapes

It's always fun to set out on a photographic adventure. To capture landscapes, one often needs to get up early in the morning, to take advantage of the best light, grab a tripod, camera, and lens release cable, and find the perfect location. It's tough to compose and photograph scenes that people will eventually regard as beautiful, picturesque, and stunning. Point and shoot is not a viable strategy for the classic nature landscape image.

But I love to capture what I think could be called "small landscapes," images snapped while on a photowalk that are smaller in scale and feature things that may be familiar and immediate. Two images from my Seattle Spring collection come to mind. By composition alone, they make ordinary flowers and plants extraordinary subjects in mini-landscapes.

I love how that lone flower pops in the foreground while the additional greenery, rock, and dirt in the flower bed set up a substantial background for this landscape. And in the following image, the architecture of the trellis on the wall combined with the single green branch stand out against the dirty cement wall.

So when you're walking around and waiting to find that perfect photo opportunity, narrow your sights on these mini-landscapes, which will open your world to stunning new images that make the ordinary extraordinary.

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