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Friday, January 20, 2012

On Standby

I think the great thaw has begun. Instead of the sounds of sleet coating the packed snow I heard yesterday morning or the utter quietness that newly-fallen snow brings, this morning I hear wetness, melted snow on the roadways and the dripping that comes with thawing winter weather! It's been pleasant to not have to commute and enjoyable to watch Drifter play in the snow. And not having to venture into the cold weather and wait for the bus has been delightful.

At the same time, I think Seattle is ready to get over some growing cabin fever and return to normal. Two of our friends from college rode a borrowed sled down to our apartment last night for drinks, delicious dinner, and casual conversation. It was great to have company after limited social interaction during the storm - thanks for the visit Debbi and Graham!! I'll also be excited to see something different on the TV once the local news channels decide that 12 hours of continued coverage of Winter Extreme or Snow-maggedon is maybe a bit excessive!

Until then, please enjoy these winter images.

Eric Lovelin Photography

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