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Monday, December 5, 2011

Who, Me?

If you haven't yet read my description of my run-in with a squirrel at Green Lake Park, it was wonderful. We initially stopped because Drifter had spotted him and was hot on the pursuit. But as we neared, I realized the squirrel wasn't really afraid of the dog and was actually curious in me and my camera. Well that camera gave him a bit of love, snapping many a picture of the little guy.

At one point near the end of our "photo shoot," my imagination began to run wild as I'm positive that this squirrel was posing for me, working multiple angles and holding poses. At one point, he even looked straight at me and pulled his claw toward his chest as if to say, "Who, me? You want a photo of me?"

Why yes, Mr. Squirrel, I certainly did. Thank you for obliging.

Eric Lovelin Photography


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